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Starting our tour in the morning, passing by the Oil refinery in Eleusina, a place known also for the Eleusinian Mysteries, we will end to Peloponnese. Peloponnese is the south part of Greece and looks like a big island.
The name in Greek means Pelopas and island
Pelopas was the son of Tantalos from Frigia. Our first stop will be in Corinth canal. Here you will see the canal that the ships are passing by instead of making the round of the Peloponnese when they want to go from the Aegean Sea to the Ionian sea. This canal helped the sailors to save time. Next stop will be the Ancient Site of Corinth with the Temple of Apollo, who was the Protector God of Corinth. Another Site to visit in Ancient Corinth is the Church that Apostle Paul made his Speech to the Corinthians. Leaving Corinth behind we will pass by the beautiful vineyards and we will end to Mycenae. The mythical city state of Agamemnon, with the Acropolis of Mycunae known for the Cyclopian Walls and the entrance with the Lions. Next stop will be Nafplion, the 1st capital city of Greece after the War of Independence with the Turks. Nafplion is one of the most picturesque cities of Greece and the best for lunch. Last stop before we come back in Athens is Epidaurus. Epidaurus is know for the Ancient Theatre known for its acoustic. Every year we have the Festival of Epidaurus where a lot of ancient comedies and tragedies are taking place. It is great honor for the actors to participate in this Festival. Next to the Theatre is the Asklepiion. It was a healing centre in the Ancient Greece and took the name from Ascepios who was the healing God.

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